Marlow's package repository

This is my private Debian repository, which I use to keep a couple of machines uptodate. You are welcome to use the packages provided here AS IS. I take no responsibility for these packages what so ever. It's your own choice.
If you find my packages (some Debian, Slackware and Redhat) usefull, i'm allways interested in getting a email about what packages you use, to keep track of you uses my repository and what packages actually are needed. Because if i decide that some packages are obsolete, they are going to be deleted, unless i know somebody is using them.
Some of these packages may need, that you purchase a license for the software they contain.
I can be reached at
Have fun.

Debian repositories provided here: (These packages are ment and compiled for woody/stable)
    deb woody custom ipv6 kernel virus vserver
    deb-src woody custom ipv6 kernel vserver
customPackages, which i customized for my own needs
ipv6IPv6 enabled packages
kernelCustomized kernels
virusSeveral anti-virus related packages
vserverPackages customized regarding to use in a vserver environment (

Debian repositories provided here, which not necessarily are ment and compiled for woody/stable:
    deb unstable custom
    deb-src unstable custom

If you just want to browse the packages, that can be done here:
All these repositories are also available via anonymous ftp.